Membership Fees & Payment

ARCH annual membership runs from August 1 thru July 31.  Applications are accepted at anytime for membership.  Membership dues are not pro-rated.

The annual renewal dues are non-refundable and as follows:

Associate Membership $50
Registered Hypnotherapist (RHt) Membership $70
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (RCH) Membership $100
Registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapists (RCCH) Membership $100
Approved Supervisors $75
Application Fee $25 
Competency Exam Fee $200


Membership Fees & Payment

Other Amounts (including Late Fees, Video Loans etc.)

Upon approval of membership, applicants will receive a "Certificate of Membership" and the right to use the title of granted level of membership.

To apply for membership, simply complete the On-line Application and pay the application fee or request a "Mail-In Form" and mail the form with the application fee (cheque) payable to the:

Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH Canada)

3920 West 17th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia

V6S 1A5

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