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Details for each presentation:

Dr. Brick Saunderson, RCCH - Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist; B.A.; M.Div; D. MIN.

Introduction to the Management of Chronic Pain –All Levels (2 Parts)

This presentation will include lecture, handouts & demonstration of Hypnotic Techniques and discussion (Q&A). Focus will be on Understanding Complexity of Chronic Pain; the Role of the Hypnotherapist; Theories and Techniques of Pain Management; Dealing with Anxiety and Tension as an accelerator of Pain; Cautions and Constraints in working with Clients struggling with Chronic Pain; Review of a suggested Treatment Protocol and finally Discussion of and Demonstration of Hypnotic Techniques that work. You will have an understanding of Chronic Pain, the difference between Chronic and Acute Pain, and the “how to” to support clients dealing with Chronic Pain.

Handouts provided.


Kemila Zsange, RCCH – Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist

How Healing can take place in Past Life Regression - Level: Intermediate

Past Life Regression can be recreational for some people - a way to satisfy their curiosity. Yet this modality has tremendous therapeutic value. Mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical healing can take place in a past life regression session. In this presentation we focus on how a hypnotherapist can purposefully facilitate such healing regardless of the reason for which the regression is undertaken. Kemila will share multiple client case work as examples of such healing. This presentation will cover the following specific techniques: how to do physical release, how to let go of emotional burden, how to undo limiting beliefs coming from a previous lifetime, and how to conduct parallel reality regression to gain insights. This presentation also includes guiding a client through the death experience and into the afterlife for spiritual growth. A group past life regression experience is also included.


Carmen Spagnola, Clinical Hypnotherapist; Certified Past Life Regression Therapist; Professional Intuitive

Podcasting: The Perfect Marketing Medium for Hypnotherapists – Level: Beginner/General Interest

With Apple now integrating iTunes into car dashboard designs and desktop computers providing radio-quality audio mixing, podcasting has more upside than ever. With minimal set-up costs, it's possible to reach thousands of fans and potential clients across the globe for your Skype/telephone-based business or your online programs. Podcasting is like radio on-demand and offers exceptional marketing and SEO benefits. Once an episode is published, it's "evergreen", remaining accessible and searchable for as long as you want it to be. As hypnotherapists, we have the advantage of specialized training that suits this medium perfectly! Learn how Carmen ranked #1 in three iTunes categories (ahead of Oprah, Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson) and sold 5-figures worth of programs in her first nine months, including premium services. In this session you'll learn all you need to know to set-up a podcast, get into "New & Noteworthy" on iTunes, and create a show that converts listeners into raving fans and customers.

Handouts Provided


How to Lead Effective Group Regressions – Level: Beginner/General Interest 

In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to fill your one-on-one practice with keen clients by offering introductory group past life regressions. At the end of this session, you'll know how to market and structure your event plus understand best practices for guiding group hypnosis. Learn how to manage depth in a group setting and how to avoid potential pitfalls. Using a simple, clear, 10-step process for Past Life Regression, you can effectively address many common issues in a group setting including money troubles, relationship problems, family dynamics, connecting with a higher purpose, and finding true love.

Handouts Provided 


Healing the Abandonment Wound: A 5-Step Process – Level: Advanced/Specialized

The Abandonment Wound underpins a multitude of other issues including addiction, co-dependency, social anxiety and more. In this session, Carmen discusses the current research around abandonment therapy including that of Dr.Bruce Alexander, Dr.Gabor Maté, and psychotherapist Susan Anderson, and the important role of hypnotherapy in healing this type of trauma. Carmen also shares her findings around pre-curser factors including cultural dislocation and spiritual abandonment. By the end of this session, you'll have a clear understanding of the cultural context of abandonment, become aware of possible areas of specialization within your practice, and a 5-session protocol for diagnosing and treating the abandonment wound.

Handouts Provided


Linda Campbell, Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist; B.Ed

The 4 Themes that Underlie Every Client’s Issue and How to Address Them – All Levels

Linda has worked as a Hypnotherapist for 15 years and has interviewed thousands of clients. She noticed that despite her clients having different goals, she found herself addressing the same four themes over and over. It doesn’t matter if a client comes in with weight to lose, insomnia, anxiety or a fear of public speaking, these themes can always be identified as being at the root of the problem. In this experiential workshop, Linda shares the 4 themes that underlie every client’s problem and gives you tools for addressing each theme. Handouts Provided

Working Spontaneously with your Client – All Levels

Often when we begin in Hypnosis, we are using scripts. But too many people hang on to the training wheels much longer than they need them! When you are using scripts:

• You're stuck behind a barrier.

• You don't observe what's going on with your clients – therefore you miss cues, reactions

• You sound different reading than you do using your “hypnotic voice”

• You're missing out on the symbiotic hypnotic state

• You're missing out on the intuitive hints that you receive when you are truly “plugged in” with your client

In this interactive and fun workshop, Linda shares her process for getting off script and working spontaneously with your clients. Using games, exercises and demonstrations Linda will teach you:

· How to create your own material

· How to enter into a symbiotic hypnotic state with your client and tap into your own creativity and intuition

· How to do “free flowing” hypnosis

· How to get over analysis paralysis and writers block

· How to think quickly so you can go where the client takes you without hesitation or fear

· How to let go of the control of the session and simply follow your client’s lead


Handouts Provided


Sylvie Spugies, RCH Registered Hypnotherapist; BASc

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)- All Levels

Sylvie is a Practitioner of EFT through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) which is overseen by the founder of EFT Gary Craig and his daughter Tina. This is considered the 'Gold Standard' of EFT training. Learn basics of EFT and how to utilize in your practice: Learn the key points and how to use the tool. 

Hand outs provided.


Sylvia Rayner, RCH - Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist; Sports Hypnotist & Mental Coach

Sport Hypnosis Secrets – All Levels

Sylvia Rayner, the undisputed expert in sports hypnosis in Canada, reveals the most important issues in this fascinating area of specialization, including up to date research and techniques.

Topics Covered:

· Self Efficacy: the golden key to performance in sport—and in life

· Preparation: teaching athlete’s effective mental rehearsal

· Composure: when the going gets tough, the tough don't panic!

· The one thing you must never do when providing imagery for athletes (you need to learn this or you risk priming your athlete for their worst nightmare—choking under pressure!)


In addition to leaving inspired and energized, you'll walk away with a no-brainer, step-by-step method for building a successful sports hypnosis session, every time.





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